Shawna Kwan

Elan Dance Arts London, ON

“I have been working with you for about a year and am $140,000 up from last year! We all want to work with people that will give us results, and you just do!”

Jodi Shilling

Releve Studios Northridge, CA

“I enrolled 500 students in 5 months! It doesn't even sound real. I've grown my studio so quickly in such a short amount of time! The return on the investment is super high.”

Angela Manella-Hoffman

Moore Than Dance Fridley, MN

“Our business exploded since we started working together! We brought in 90 new students and I still have trials coming in every day!”

Liz Laakman

MVMT Dance Center Saddle Brooke, NJ

“Started our season with 128 students, and now (2 months later) we are at 225 students and made an additional $55,000 in revenue.

Dodie Hunter-Eskew

Rising Star & Tumbling Casper, WY

“We were a little over 500 students when we joined and within 3 months we reached 667. This is not a waste of money! Your marketing and follow-up system helps us be more successful, so that people don't fall through the cracks.

Jacqueline Willis

Jacqueline's School of Dance Pickering, ON

“100 New students that generated $13,000 over the past 2 months!”

Debbi Miller

Dance Image Whittier, CA

“I enrolled 150 new students in 5 months! I'm double my studio revenue year to date.

Denise Knight

Studio M Long Beach, CA

“In the last 2 months, we've registered 75 new students and added $5K-6K per month!

Rhonda Sylvester

Ms. Karen's Dance Studio N. Little Rock, AK

“We've brought in 343 new students since the start of the year.

Yvonne Donaghy

Center For Dance Arts Torrington, CT

“33 Students signed up in one month and 16 more trials booked - that's $1,700 more in revenue per month! The way your system is set up, it's sooo easy! I can literally be grocery shopping and book students.

Gino Escalona

Ritmo Dance Studio Pembroke Pines, FL

“I started with 10 students... In 3 months I enrolled 60 new students and made $20,000!”

Lisa White

East Coast Dance Complex Somersworth, NH

“I have 330 new students since I started working with you 11 months ago. Don't think of this as an expense, think of this as an investment!”

Jeffrey Lewis

Bay Area Arts Conservatory League City, TX

“I bought in 113 new students in 2 months, and added an extra $12,000 per month in recurring revenue!”

Julie Dickens

Twinkle Star Dance Mckinney & Frisco, TX

“I have 330 new students since I started working with you 11 months ago. Don't think of this as an expense, think of this as an investment!”

Kelly Stento

LeRoux School Of Dance Royersford, PA

“Added 108 new students in 2 months and we're making an extra $3,000 per month.

Sherri McLaughlin-Ryan

American Dance Studios Edison, NJ

“You're losing money if you don't do this! I've never seen a system that worked as frictionless, as clean and as efficient as this! I have doubled my numbers in 6 months from 80 to 160 kids.

Luciana Costantino

Lua Dance Club Studio Pittsburg, PA

“Since working together, we've doubled the amount of students from 80 to 165 in 3 months. I took a chance with the program, put it on my credit card and lots of new students came before I had to pay my credit card bill. Don't be afraid to invest!”

Nicole Guinard

En L'air School for Dance Triverton, RI

“Since we started, we went from 52 students to 107 in just 3 months. I've made my investment back and I am profitable. If you don't do it, and another studio in your area does, they will take your customers - it's something you HAVE to do if you want to thrive.

Emma Schwickerath

Miss Emma’s Dance Company New Hampton, IA

“Before working with you, we were spending money of Facebook ads with no results and we didn't have a follow-up system - it was chaotic. Since working together, we brought in 32 new students which is huge for us since we're in a small, rural town. That's an extra $2K/month. These kids are driving past other studios to get to us!”

Carissa Chanos

Infinity Dance East Troy, WI

“We added 60 new students, and made $5,600 in just 3 months. It was a little bit of a hot mess before we started working together in terms of follow-up. We've spent years trying to get more students, and it's pretty fantastic that we've doubled our students in just three months!”

Sandra Barranco

Fusion Studios Torrence, CA

“I had just opened a new location and didn't know how to get more students. It's only been two months since working together and we have 48 new students and brought in almost $5,000 in revenue! Being able to respond quickly to clients and not let people fall through the cracks has made the biggest difference with your system.

Cathy Acerba

Dancexpress Dance Studio Narberth, PA

“I never believed this would be true to speak out loud but we have moved our student numbers from 324 students to 541 students since working with Get More Students. What has made the biggest difference for us is having the automated follow-up system to keep track of all inquiries and communicate with our clients instantly!”

Melodie & Bill Stacy

Classic Melodies Louisville, KY

“During the pandemic we were down to less than 80 students. Within a few months after signing up with Get More Students, we were close to 200 students. From all the marketing softwares out there that we've tried, this is the only one who produced results! The system has been a game changer for us!”

Cindy Kieffer

Visions Dance Academy Matthews, NC

“Since I started working with get More Students I have DOUBLED enrollment from 200 to 400 students! What has made the biggest difference was the automated follow up system! The investment we made into this program was worth everything!”

Carolyn Coskren

Dance Inspirations Concord, NH

“In our new studio opened during October 2021 we brought in 100 new students. In my original, old studio, we brought in 50 new students in 1 month and a half since working together, which amounts to $7.5K!”

Jan Bilhartz

The Movement Dance Studio Springdale, AR

“When I heard about your program I was skeptical and I thought "There's no way I can pay someone to help me because we've been in the hole for such a long time". Since we started working with Get More Students 10 weeks ago, we signed up 63 new students, and they keep coming! We are so thrilled and we plan on going on forever! I'm 82 years old and not tech savvy, and your system is the easiest thing I've ever done.

Michelle Fracchia-West

Ignite Dance Works Saskatoon, SK

“I was super skeptical at first because we tired so many different avenues and marketing agencies prior to working with Get More Students. Within a week and a half of working with you, we had 60 new student registered for our summer camps and over $8,600 in sales!”

Jackie Jackson

Grace Kelly Studio Brielle, NJ

“Since working with Get More Students, we added 29 students in a couple of months, while spending very little for Facebook ads. Being able to put that trust in you with running our ads has been a big help. It's so nice to see our studio lobby busy again!”

Melinda Tamm

Ms. Melinda's Waite Park, MN

“This has really helped our Admin team!”

Beth Richardson

Turning Pointe Studios Holmen, WI

“I enrolled 17 students, and made $1,000 in 2 weeks.”

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